Top-Shelf Tip No. 13:

"The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself."

Tony Robbins

Seven Best Practices To Reach Million-Dollar Sales

Are there certain sales professionals whom you secretly admire from afar? Or, do you see the same few salespeople earning sales awards every year, yet you can't seem to get traction?

In sales, we're always being compared to our peers. It's a high-pressure, high-motivation environment. When it's great, it's really great. But when sales are down, it's tough to take the heat.

In this final edition of our PPAI Expo week series, Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips from PPAI Expo presenter Josh Frey, whose recorded session, Sales Crush Planning Workshop, was presented earlier in the week. Known as the swag coach, Frey has been selling promotional items for more than 20 years. He also coaches others in the industry so they won't make the mistakes he had to learn the hard way. Here are a few ways to maximize your sales efforts from his blog post, Top 10 Proven Methods I Use Today to Sell $1M+

1. I only spend my time on sales-related activities. I don't call factories (other than for price negotiations). I don't collect past due accounts and I don't deal with proofs/tracking/etc. I meet with clients and prospects. I network, volunteer and socialize in circles that can connect me to business and sales opportunities for Swag Coach and On Sale Promos.

2. I am organized. I use Dropbox to keep my client files organized. I know what they have ordered in the past, what I have proposed or priced before, and where things are. Being organized helps me to quickly and easily make sales. It also allows me to efficiently track my progress.

3. I use a weekly sales scheduler and track goals. I created a weekly calendar which breaks down what I am doing every day into hourly chunks. It ties directly into my goals. It helps me focus and get back on track when I lose focus. It also tells me what I should be doing from a sales activity standpoint and who my targets are. I set goals and review them constantly. Some of these goals include sales, gross profits, number of meetings with decision makers and proposal pipelines. Keeping track of my progress helps me stay focused and motivated.

4. I sell strategically. I choose a target market (or two), learn the buzz words for that industry and then sell myself as an expert in that area. I am not offering everything to each client. I am a professional, and I present myself as a marketing partner who can help my clients do their job better, faster and more effectively because I know their market.

5. I leverage social media. I connect with my top clients and contacts on LinkedIn. I then ask them for referrals to their networks. I share what's going on with my business and life so it is about more than just asking for business. I share my goals online so my network can help me achieve them. Check out my LinkedIn page and you will see what I am talking about.

6. I hook people up— in a business way. When I see or read about a topic that might interest a client or prospect, I forward it to them. If I meet someone who would be a good contact for my clients, I make the introductions. I give referrals and help others with their own businesses and careers. I mentor and coach. I pay it forward. It's all about the give and take. I convey good karma and energy while staying top of mind with my network.

7. I am incredibly responsive. When I meet with a client or prospect, I thank them and include a summary of the meeting within two hours of the meeting or at least the same day. At trade shows, I recap my leads the minute the show is over and send follow-ups. Sometimes this happens while the show is still going on. Do you know how many times someone who is buying from me will thank me for being so quick to respond? I deliver on the same type of service I would expect, and my standards are very high.

Source: Josh Frey calls himself a business junkie and Kool-Aid-drinking entrepreneur, having started his own swag business and career at the age of 22 with no experience, contacts or resources. In 2012, he launched The Swag Coach™ Program, a step-by-step guide to start and grow a promotional products business.

Compiled by Cassandra Johnson

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